I adore Super Love smoothies because not only are they DELICIOUS, I know they are chalked full of whole food ingredients, super foods and adaptogens. I took a smoothie workshop with Crystal, and I try to make my own every day but on the days I have Pilates, I always order a Super Love smoothie - so super delicious and fully made with Love.

We are happy to offer SuperLove Smoothies as a perfect boost of post-pilates nutrition! These are made to order each morning and delivered to the studio by 9am. You can pre-order you smoothie online or by email, Monday -Friday. We just need to know by 6am the morning of.

We start with 100% plant based organic goodness. In the summer the greens are harvested from our organic garden - picked live each morning for ultimate vitality. In the winter we use live, nutrient dense, protein rich micro greens.

The smoothies contain as many seasonal and local ingredients as possible. Then we fuel them up with SuperGreens, SuperFoods & Adaptogens.

We only use real food (no commercial nut milks etc) so they are naturally preservative free.

SuperLove Supergreens

Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa, Matcha

We all know greens are good for you! These supergreens are supercharged with iron, BVitamins, a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. They are an incredible source of natural whole food, plant based proteins. And because they are whole foods - the nutrients are absorbed and assimilated by our bodies with ease.

SuperLove SuperFoods

Amla, Chia, Hemp Hearts, Beet Root, Flax, Maqui

Foods that contain significantly higher quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other health boosting, anti-aging, disease fighting goodness.

Chronic inflammation in the body is a leading cause of disease and lifestyle cancers. This state of inflammation can come from eating foods that create an acidic (vs alkaline) environment in the body; from living in a state of emotional stress and fatigue; and from environmental factors such as air quality.

Eating whole, plant based foods, with a wide variety of superfoods provides the body with alkalizing, anti-oxidant support which can reduce and repair the effects of chronic cellular fatigue and inflammation.

SuperLove Adaptogens

Ashwagandha, Maca, Suma, Lucuma, Shatavari

Adaptogens are stress-adaptors. They help the body adapt to, and avoid damage from adverse environmental factors. They also support the hormonal system. When the hormonal system is balanced, the body is equipped to repair and recover, and maintain proper state of health.