Meet Our Amazing Team
The “Exhale” community – the other ladies you meet and get to sweat it out with are wonderful. Crystal has created a little home away from home. You never feel judged by others or self conscious (even when your having a crazy leg shaking day) – just encouraged and supported. Courtney Blachford


Just a happy group of gals that love Pilates, and love sharing that passion with you. Exhale prides itself in having an exceptional group of teachers. Our team is equally knowledgeable as they are passionate about sharing how amazing Pilates makes everyone feel.

It is from our own personal journeys of experiencing how Pilates can strengthen & balance your body and mind, that has inspired every one of us to teach. Our goal is to provide a truly positive environment that inspires pure health and happiness.

Our team is fully trained in the Stott Pilates/ Merrithew method of mindful movement. Collectively we share specializations/education in pre & post-natal Pilates, fascia stretch therapy, Pilates for osteoarthritis, Sport specific training, post-surgical rehab for hips and knees, osteopathy, athletic therapy, and holistic nutrition.

The one thing we have in common is our love for Pilates, a love for sharing Pilates, and a sincere appreciation for our clients that allow us to share and do what we love.


Crystal's Portrait


Studio Owner and Instructor

Crystal took a Pilates class in 2003 to find some relief for chronic low back pain and headaches. By the end of that 10 week session her life had essentially changed…the back pain was gone, headaches had subsided, and she knew she had found her new career. Pilates was the perfect compliment to the education she had just successfully completed: a BSc in Human Kinetics at Guelph University, and the Sports Injury Management program at Sheridan College.

Crystal is trained through STOTT Pilates and has been teaching Pilates full time since 2003. In that time she has worked with clients ranging from National level gymnasts to clients seeking post-surgery rehabilitation. Her deep understanding of the body allows her to guide clients through a safe, challenging and effective Pilates workout, whatever their goals may be. In 2012 Crystal completed her Yoga Teacher Training in India.

In 2012 Crystal created the BarreNone method, a Pilates based Barre system influenced by the grace of ballet and traditional asana’s of yoga. Crystal is super passionate about eating clean, living as sustainably as possible, and riding bikes.


Melanie's Portrait


Studio Manager

My journey in yoga began in 2005 right before the birth of my son. What began as simply a physical form of exercise to guide me through my pregnancy and post pregnancy transformed into a way of being. I discovered my true self and realized that it was much more than just exercise. Being able to connect to my body through breath and movement has brought a sense of peace and balance to my otherwise hectic life. I wanted to share this feeling with the world so I decided to become certified as a power yoga instructor in January 2014 and share my passion with others around me.

Shortly after this I started practicing pilates following a mild injury to my shoulder. Pilates allowed me to exercise my shoulder and bring my body into proper alignment and before I knew it the pain had subsided. I came to realize how well pilates and yoga compliment one another. This inspired me to undergo my Pilates certification at Exhale with the amazing Crystal Webster.

Being a wife and mother of two I believe that staying active and healthy are the keys to living a balanced and happy life. My mission is to teach from a place of inspiration and to bring balance into the lives of those that I teach.

"Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live." Rachel Ann Nunes


Emily's Portrait


A former national rhythmic gymnast, Emily discovered Pilates in 2009 as a means to stay in shape during some time off. Quickly realizing how the mindful movements could address past injuries and prevent future ones, while improving her performance as an athlete, she was hooked.

The coordination and body awareness Emily developed through Pilates, has been a perfect compliment to her contemporary dance training. As a recent graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and an emerging artist, she is constantly inspired by the capabilities of the human body, and is always looking to push her own boundaries.

Emily is certified through both Exhale Pilates and STOTT, with training in mat, reformer, and stability chair. She is also a certified BarreNone teacher.

Emily hopes to share her love of movement with her clients and help them re-train their bodies into alignment.


Katie's Portrait


As a stay-at-home mother of three, I initially looked to Pilates merely as a way to stay in shape, but that very quickly led to an intense love affair with all things Pilates. The mind/body connection Pilates offers helped me quiet the noise of my daily life and really focus on all that my body was capable of, especially post-pregnancy, finding strength both on the inside and out. Going from student to teacher has been an inspiring adventure and as a BarreNone and Stott-trained Mat and Reformer instructor I'm excited and grateful to be able to pass on what I know and love to clients of all backgrounds and capabilities. The energy at Exhale is infectious and I hope to spread it throughout each class I teach.

"Love the moment and the energy of the moment will spread beyond all boundaries." - Corita Kent


Elisa's Portrait


An exercise, healthy-living and mindfulness enthusiast from an early age, Elisa fell in love with Pilates after the birth of her child when she discovered that her pregnancy had left her with diastasis recti (a wide separation between the abdominal muscles). Following a physiotherapist’s recommendation, she soon found that the condition had completely disappeared in half the expected time thanks to Pilates. She was left feeling strong and empowered and on a safe path to completely restoring her postpartum body.

From that point on Elisa was hooked and eager to not only continue a dedicated practice but train to bring this powerful method to others. She also knew that the cozy, loving and bright space at Exhale studio was the perfect place to do this.

Elisa is deeply dedicated to the principles of precision and mindfulness that are integral to an effective and inspiring practice. For this reason she always sprinkles her Pilates and Barre programs with generous doses of both!


Anna's Portrait


Anna’s health and wellness journey started from a young age as an avid swimmer and basketball player, this passion for movement and wellness grew with her into a career as a Yoga and Pilates instructor. Initially, Anna came to Pilates looking for help after a car accident left her with daily back pain. After just a few months of regular one-on-one and group training classes at Exhale the benefits of Pilates were so clear that she wanted to share that with others and became both Exhale and STOTT Certified in Mat and Reformer. Anna acknowledges the importance of the mind-body connection and has a passion helping others find their strength through movement and is excited to bring that to the community at Exhale. Along with her career as a Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Anna works as a holistic nutritionist where she inspires and provides tools for her clients to live their best life through multiple holistic interventions. With a focus on women’s health, hormonal healing and the importance of the mind-body connection Anna has helped many people achieve their goals. Anna has a rooted belief in the healing powers of plant-based food and passionately shares it with all her clients.


Kathryn's Portrait


A sign language interpreter and mom to 1 cheeky daughter (and 2 fur babies), I discovered I had scoliosis about 2 years ago when I started to have severe lower back pain. Physiotherapy recommended Pilates and I was secretly thrilled; I had always wanted to try it. I became instantly addicted to the workouts and the community feeling of the studio. Pilates left me feeling stronger all over and after my back pain subsided, left me to focus on improving other areas I discovered needed a bit of work. I was always amazed at the knowledge and skill the teachers in the studio had and the care they took to know each client, personally as well as physically. When the opportunity came up to join this wonderful team, it seemed like something I could not pass up. As a Stott-trained mat and reformer instructor, I love working with the clients at the studio; watching the discoveries of what their bodies can do and helping them to achieve whatever physical goals they have set for themselves. I can't wait to learn more through workshops and from my fellow teachers and pass that knowledge on to clients. Now that I'm an instructor, the community feeling at the studio has grown for me and I look forward to meeting all of you!


Meagan's Portrait


As a fitness enthusiast, and educated in Health Science and Kinesiology, Meagan has always enjoyed finding ways to move the body. When she left Ballet years ago, she searched for a new exercise outlet to fill the void. Running and weight lifting became a foundational part of her fitness regime, and she had heard that Pilates would be a nice complement to her training. Meagan started practicing Pilates about 6 years ago, and fell in love with the mind-body connection, and the way it was able to challenge the body through the power of the breath. Throughout her two pregnancies, Pilates played an integral role in helping her maintain her strength, stability, and pelvic floor. Post-partum, it helped with recovery, and enabled her to regain much of her core strength.

It wasn’t long after starting Pilates that she tried her first Barre class at Exhale. It was both challenging and fun, and Meagan was instantly hooked. She noticed how it changed her body; improving her posture, balance, and strength. When the opportunity came to become certified in the BarreNone method, Meagan jumped at the chance to teach this wonderful technique. Meagan finds the Exhale community both inspiring and encouraging, and she is thrilled to be a part of its loving and talented team.


Lisa's Portrait


Growing up as a competitive dancer, Lisa began her pilates practice at an early age in the basement of her home with her mother’s VHS of Windsor Pilates. She fell in love with the fluidity of movement, and the method and technique that so closely matched her dance training. With time and practice, she mastered the breathing, alignment and coordination of the videos, and soon began to realize the benefits of pilates. She not only felt stronger and more limber, but even her daily runs became longer, faster, and less taxing. With improved performance and freedom of movement, Lisa experienced first-hand the benefits of pilates training.

After a move from Toronto to Burlington in 2013, Lisa found Exhale Pilates Studio through a quick google search. She instantly fell in love with the warm welcoming studio and classes. She finally felt at home in a strange city. Always leaving the studio feeling happy, energized and strong, Lisa knew she had to make this a bigger part of her lifestyle.

Soon after the birth of her daughter, Lisa trained with the experienced Crystal Webster for her pilates mat course, and completed the STOTT Reformer course. Lisa is passionate about pilates, and strives to bring balance, improved functional strength and alignment in every class.