Pilates FAQ
Q: What is Pilates?

A: Simply put - Pilates is core conditioning. Our goal is to teach our clients how to recruit the deep core muscles that strengthen, stabilize the spine, pelvis and hips. All Pilates exercises are designed to bring the body back into proper posture — realigning the spine, releasing tension through the shoulders and neck, and balancing out any muscle imbalances you may have from repetitive movements (work related or sport-specific).

Exercises start off simple and one dimensional, allowing the client to deepen their awareness and strength of the core. As the core becomes stronger, we challenge the body by adding exercises that involve more complex 3-dimensional movements, coordination, speed or endurance. These more advanced exercises must still be executed with precision while maintaining core stability. The overall result is an exercise program that challenges your body and your mind.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's. Over 20 years ago, Toronto based STOTT Pilates gathered a team of specialists and revolutionized the exercise method of Joseph Pilates. By applying intelligent exercise science and modern principles of spinal care, STOTT has expanded the repertoire into hundreds of exercises making Pilates accessible for all ages and abilities. All instructors at Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio are trained through STOTT Pilates, and we exclusively use their professional equipment.

Q: How often should I do Pilates?

A: The benefits of Pilates can be felt by coming once per week - you will definitely notice an improvement in your posture, muscle tone and overall flexibility. However, the majority of our clients enjoy attending regular classes 2-3 times per week. Like anything, you will experience more dramatic results the more frequently and consistently you perform Pilates.

Q: What can I expect in a typical session?

A: Sessions can be tailored to your personal goals and requests. A typical session at Exhale is 1 hour in length and will be split evenly between the mat and Reformer. Pilates mat work is designed to target the core, increasing your abdominal strength and stability. The Reformers are designed to create long, lean arms and legs while simultaneously challenging core stability. Combining mat and Reformer will leave your entire body feeling stronger and longer! You will work hard. You will sweat. Hopefully you will laugh, because working out should be fun!

Q: I want to try Pilates, but do I need to get in shape first?

A: This is the most common response I hear when I tell them I am a Pilates instructor. My answer is always 'But that's why you should come to get into shape'. I've learned over the years that people are intimidated by new things - Pilates being no exception to the rule. It is that reason alone that we offer a great introductory rate for your first 4 private sessions. Within your first 4 sessions you will be taught the fundamentals of Pilates, and have the chance to express any questions or concerns to your instructor. From there you should feel confident to join a small group class, or you may choose to continue with private sessions at our competitive rate.

General FAQ
Q: I have never done Pilates - Where do I start?

A: We have a great intro to Pilates Private package.

Alternatively, our barre classes are designed to be all-level classes. Our lovely teachers will provide you with modifications and clear instruction.

Contact Melanie at (905) 407-9976 - she is here to help you figure these things out!

Q: What even is Pilates? I’ve heard its a bunch of stretching, and not much of a workout.

A: That’s ridiculous. Please invite that friend to a class on us. Seriously - we would like to introduce them to Pilates. Pilates can be anything you want it to be. We can provide anything from a gentle mobility class to a sweat dripping athletic style class - all while bringing the body into strength and balance. It’s kind of magical.

Q: What changes will I feel from doing Pilates?

A: You will feel empowered from the deep strength you will develop. You will connect with little hidden muscles that truly give you control of your body. Increased muscle flexibility. Increased spinal & joint mobility - your joints have to be free for you to be able to move with ease. It makes us all happier - so we can only assume you’ll feel happy too!

Q: What is the difference between Pilates & Yoga?

A: Pilates and Yoga are very complimentary exercises. Both are considered mind-body exercises. Both promote long, lean muscles and improved mobility and flexibility. The strength and awareness you will gain from your Pilates experience will be a huge asset to your yoga practice, especially for balance postures. The biggest difference between yoga and Pilates at Exhale is the personalized attention. In a yoga studio there can be 40 or more people in a class. At Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio we focus on the precision of each movement, and teach you how to recruit your muscles more specifically and efficiently. It is this precision and awareness that makes Pilates so effective.

Q: Do you have an App to make my life easier?

A: We sure do! Our App allows you to schedule classes, view your upcoming classes, check in to your account balances, and purchase packages.

Apple: click here.

Google: click here.

Q: Why aren’t reformer classes on the App or Schedule?

A: Good question. It is because we take great care to match clients of the same level and goals in these semi-private groups. We don’t want somebody rehabilitating a knee injury with someone looking for an athletic workout. Good news - Manager Mel is a scheduling dynamo - just give her a quick message and she will help you out.

Q: Are there Reformer Drop-in Classes?

A: Sometimes there are spaces in the reformer schedule. We post these each week on Instagram @exhalepilates. You can also message us last minute to see if there are any openings due to last minute changes.

Q: Where do I park?

A: If you live downtown, we are an easy 5-15 minute walk or bike ride. Metered street parking is free after 6pm and on Sundays.There are municipal parking lots within a 3 minute walk away.

Q: Reformer scheduling & cancellations

A: Melanie puts together the reformer schedule (of over 100 classes/week) together by Saturday.

If you are on a set schedule - please let Melanie know any cancellations/changes by the Friday (for the following week running Monday-Sunday). Any cancellations made after this time are considered late cancellations.

If you are on a random schedule due to shift work etc, Melanie will confirm your schedule for the following week by Saturday. Any cancellations after this confirmation are considered late cancels.

The good news: all late cancellations will be converted into a makeup class redeemable in a barre or mat class. So although you missed your reformer class, you still get an hours workout on your account.

Q: Barre & Mat Cancellation Policy

A: Barre & Mat classes have a very flexible cancellation policy. There are no penalties for cancelling, but please remove yourself out of the class to allow waitlisted clients to join. Consistently being a ‘no-show’ may take away your pre-registering abilities.

Q: What do I bring?

A: Just yourself and a smile. We are happy to supply mats and everything you need for your workout. We have a water cooler for your re-usable water bottle.

Q: Scent free policy

A: Please please please refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions or heavily scented clothing into the studio. We do a lot of breathing and like to keep the air as clean as possible, There are also several people with fragrance allergies in our space.

Q: Still have a question?

A: Contact us at or text 905-407-9976. Mel is the best studio manager in the world, and she will happily help you out.