Yoga Class Description
I have lived through the change that a strong Pilates body creates – to be free of aches, pains and headaches, and to feel strong and confident within my body has been the greatest gift of Pilates. It is more than a workout – it is a way of life.Crystal Webster

Karma Yoga

In the spirit of selfless service, after we pay our beautiful teachers, proceeds from all yoga classes and workshops will always be donated to globally conscious charity.

Yoga means a union of the mind, body and spirit with the Devine, and while this refers to a state of consciousness both individual and Universal. Practicing the Asana’s (poses) of yoga helps create a strong healthy body by improving flexibility and improving circulation.

Although quite different, Pilates and the asana’s (poses) of yoga are very complimentary. The core and body awareness gained from Pilates will enhance your strength and posture in all of your yoga poses.

Our teachers draw from their personal experience, from their expertise in Moksha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Forrest and Anusara Yoga, and mostly from their love of yoga, to create classes designed to challenge your body and inspire your soul.

Our classes are kept small so that attention to form and posture is assured!