I started Pilates with Crystal 4 years ago. Her motivation, enthusiasm and crazy energy inpire me to challenge myself everytime I work out with her. Marion Duffield

We have over 100 Reformer classes per week. As we take a great deal of care in ensuring you are in an appropriate class for your goals and abilities, all scheduling for these classes are done on a personal level. Please contact Manager Mel at (905) 407-9976 or to schedule your first Pilates session.

New to Pilates? Start here!

Intro to Pilates: 4 one hour private sessions | $160
Private sessions are a great way to introduce yourself to Pilates. It really is the precision of Pilates that makes it so effective. In these four sessions you will learn the fundamentals, and become familiar with basic postures and the equipment. It also gives us a great opportunity to get to know you, your body, your strengths, goals and any modifications you need. This insight helps us place with with the right group of people as you move to group classes.

Private Sessions
Private sessions are a great way to target your exact goals. Private sessions are also great for clients with specific rehabilitative needs. Working one on one with your instructor, we will challenge you to reach your personal best, with the freedom to modify any and all exercises to suit your strengths or limitations.

Semi Private Sessions (2-4 people)
The semi-private sessions are an economical way to get a Mat-Reformer-Chair class tailored to your needs. We match you up with other clients at your level so you still receive the style workout you are looking for - whether it be gentle, rehabilitative, or strength focused. You can decide to attend semi-private sessions with a friend, or the studio can match you up with other clients at your level.

Couples Pilates & Family Pilates
Date night, or family night at the studio. Breathe, strengthen, stretch and tone with your loved ones. Such a perfect way to spend some quality time together. Recognizing that couples classes and family classes actually come from the same pocket book, we have special pricing for family sessions - see our rates section for more info.

Cardio-Jump Express Reformer
LOVE Pilates, but crave a little cardio? Jump-board classes are your answer. 30 minutes of non-stop movement to challenge your cardio and muscular endurance. Each class includes a powerful plyometric series, a toning endurance series, and an abdominal series.

These quick 30min classes are perfect when you are pressed for time. They are also strategically scheduled before or after barre classes, for those of you looking for a 90 minute workout that combines cardio, strength and flexibility.

Pilates Mat Classes
Pilates mat classes are a great way to target and challenge your core. With a maximum of 12 participants, the classes are energetic and fun but still focused on the precision of each Pilates exercise. Small equipment such as fitness rings, flex bands, and toning balls are incorporated to add variation to the exercises.