I started Pilates with Crystal 4 years ago. Her motivation, enthusiasm and crazy energy inpire me to challenge myself everytime I work out with her. Marion Duffield

We have over 90 Reformer classes per week. As we take a great deal of care in ensuring you are in an appropriate class for your goals and abilities, all scheduling for these classes are done on a personal level. Please contact Crystal at (905) 407-9976 or to schedule your first Pilates session.

Private Sessions
Private sessions are a great way to target your exact goals. Working one on one with your instructor, we will challenge you to reach your personal best. Exhale Pilates is proud to be the only studio in Burlington to offer private sessions on the STOTT Pilates V2Max Reformer. The V2Max is a revolutionary Pilates apparatus that takes Pilates to the next level. The unique pulley system increases the intensity of exercises, and allows for diverse functional and sport specific movements.

Semi Private Sessions (2-3 people)
The semi-private sessions are an economical way to get a Mat-Reformer-Chair class tailored to your needs. By keeping the class small we can ensure that we match you up with other clients at your level so you receive the best workout possible. You can decide to attend semi-private sessions with a friend, or the studio can match you up with other clients at your level.

Pilates Mat Classes
Pilates mat classes are a great way to target and challenge your core. With a maximum of 7 participants, the classes are energetic and fun but still focused on the precision of each Pilates exercise. Small equipment such as fitness rings, flex bands, and toning balls are incorporated to add variation to the exercises. Intermediate level Pilates mat classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm. Beginner mat classes are added on a regular basis. Please contact the studio to inquire about the next start date.

Specialty Classes:

Pilates for Yogi's
In each class we will cover the basic Pilates breath and core work. Then we will practice common yoga poses focusing on posture, alignment, shoulder stability, and how to gain power from your core - even when upside down!

This class is perfect for seasoned yogi's looking to grow in their yoga practice. It is also great for those curious about yoga but intimidated by large class sizes

Complete Repertoire Classes
These challenging 90 minute classes will take you through the complete Stott Mat or Reformer series the way they were originally designed to flow.

Co-Worker Pilates
With our convenient downtown location, we are easily accessible for those that work in the Burlington Core Community. Gather your co-workers for a 45 minute or 1 hour workout session that can be done before or after work, or on your lunch break! Ask about our Downtown Community Program!

Pilates for Athletic Children
Are your kids involved in an organized sport like hockey or dance?

Pilates can help keep them balanced, flexible and strong so they can excel in their sport and minimize injuries related to sport specific movements.

We are available for private and group/team sessions before or after school. Sessions can be taught at the studio before or after school. We can also come to your child's training facility for team sessions.

Pre-Natal PilatesNatal Image
Pilates is a perfect exercise to help you ease through your pregnancy and delivery. Many clients come back after giving birth commenting how much their strength and breath awareness helped them in the delivery room. The versatility and endless modifications of the Pilates repertoire allows women to participate in classes for their full term.

Post-Natal Pilates
During pregnancy and delivery, the body obviously goes through some major changes. Pilates can help your rebound back into shape by retraining your abdominals which have been stretched out and weakened; realigning your hips and back which can often become imbalanced; and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which can alleviate incontinence caused by child birth.

Pilates for Moms and Babies
Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio is baby friendly! We understand how busy life can be with kids and we will do everything we can to help you fit Pilates into your schedule. Many reformer exercises can be done with your baby lying on your tummy or in your lap. We have a studio exer-saucer to help keep the little ones amused. We will work with your schedule to find a baby friendly group for you to join.

Couples Pilates
Pilates is not just for the ladies! Pilates can be a great healthy way to spend an hour out of the house with your loved one. Come in with your significant other for our couples package 10 sessions for $630.

Cardio Jumpboard Classes
The jumpboards attach to the reformers creating an incredible rebounding and plyometric exercise that will get your heart pumping!

Cardio-Core (60 minutes)
30 minutes of jumping, with intervals of abdominal focused exercises!

Cardio-Stretch (60 minutes)
30 minutes of jumping, with intervals of stretches for the whole body.

30 minute jump classes for people who don't have time for an hour session. These classes are typically before and after work (7am or 5:30pm). Cardio-burst sessions can also be booked privately.

What is Pilates?
Simply put - Pilates is core conditioning. Our goal is to teach our clients how to recruit the deep core muscles that strengthen, stabilize the spine, pelvis and hips. All Pilates exercises are designed to bring the body back into proper posture — realigning the spine, releasing tension through the shoulders and neck, and balancing out any muscle imbalances you may have from repetitive movements (work related or sport-specific).

Exercises start off simple and one dimensional, allowing the client to deepen their awareness and strength of the core. As the core becomes stronger, we challenge the body by adding exercises that involve more complex 3-dimensional movements, coordination, speed or endurance. These more advanced exercises must still be executed with precision while maintaining core stability. The overall result is an exercise program that challenges your body and your mind.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's. Over 20 years ago, Toronto based STOTT Pilates gathered a team of specialists and revolutionized the exercise method of Joseph Pilates. By applying intelligent exercise science and modern principles of spinal care, STOTT has expanded the repertoire into hundreds of exercises making Pilates accessible for all ages and abilities. All instructors at Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio are trained through STOTT Pilates, and we exclusively use their professional equipment.

"I want to try Pilates, but I need to get in shape first!"
This is the most common response I hear when I tell them I am a Pilates instructor. My answer is always 'But that's why you should come to get into shape'. I've learned over the years that people are intimidated by new things - Pilates being no exception to the rule. It is that reason alone that we offer a great introductory rate for your first 4 private sessions. Within your first 4 sessions you will be taught the fundamentals of Pilates, and have the chance to express any questions or concerns to your instructor. From there you should feel confident to join a small group class, or you may choose to continue with private sessions at our competitive rate.

What to expect in a typical session:
Sessions can be tailored to your personal goals and requests. A typical session at Exhale is 1 hour in length and will be split evenly between the mat and Reformer. Pilates mat work is designed to target the core, increasing your abdominal strength and stability. The Reformers are designed to create long, lean arms and legs while simultaneously challenging core stability. Combining mat and Reformer will leave your entire body feeling stronger and longer! You will work hard. You will sweat. Hopefully you will laugh, because working out should be fun!

How often should I do Pilates:
The benefits of Pilates can be felt by coming once per week - you will definitely notice an improvement in your posture, muscle tone and overall flexibility. However, the majority of our clients enjoy attending regular classes 2-3 times per week. Like anything, you will experience more dramatic results the more frequently and consistently you perform Pilates.

What is the difference between Pilates & Yoga:
Pilates and Yoga are very complimentary exercises. Both considered mind-body exercises. Both promote long, lean muscles and improved mobility and flexibility. The strength and awareness you will gain from your Pilates experience will be a huge asset to your yoga practice, especially for balance postures.

The biggest difference between yoga and Pilates at Exhale is the personalized attention. In a yoga studio there can be 40 or more people in a class. At Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio we focus on the precision of each movement, and teach you how to recruit your muscles more specifically and efficiently. It is this precision and awareness that makes Pilates so effective.