Pre & Post-Natal Pilates
We are proud to be Burlington's pre & post-natal Pilates specialists. We have collaborated with EllePhysio, a female focused physiotherapy clinic, to ensure that all of our instructors are confident in pre & post-natal exercises and modifications. Pregnancy is a natural state for the woman's body and you can continue to workout at your current level. As your pregnancy progresses we will listen to you and your body and make all the adjustments you need to feel amazing for the whole 9 months.Crystal Webster


Pre-Natal Pilates Reformer
Pilates is a perfect exercise to help you ease through your pregnancy and delivery. Many clients come back after giving birth commenting how much their strength and breath awareness helped them in the delivery room. The versatility and endless modifications of the Pilates repertoire allows women to participate in classes for their full term.

Post-Natal Pilates Reformer
During pregnancy and delivery, the body obviously goes through some major changes. Pilates can help your rebound back into shape by retraining your abdominals which have been stretched out and weakened; realigning your hips and back which can often become imbalanced; and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which can alleviate incontinence caused by child birth.

Mom & Baby Pilates Reformer
We LOVE babies. We understand how busy life can be with kids and we will do everything we can to help you fit Pilates into your schedule. Many reformer exercises can be done with your baby lying on your tummy or your lap. We are also pretty happy to hold the little ones if that makes them happy!

Pre-Natal Barre
Our barre classes are a great way to stay in shape during your pregnancy as well. As you body adapts to the weight of your growing baby belly, your body experiences some major postural changes. Barre is amazing because the whole class is performed in a standing position with an emphasis on posture. A regular barre class will help minimize postural weaknesses, which will alleviate back pain, and help you feel great after you deliver.

Mom & Baby Barre
Our mom and baby barre class is a great way to fit in your workout, and connect with other new moms. You can wear your baby in a sling if you would like, but most moms and babies seem to be happiest when the little ones are relaxing in their car seat, or stretched out on their blanket with a favourite toy. This class focuses on bringing your body back into strength and alignment. We also focus on pelvic floor retraining and ease your way back into core training.

Common issues that our Pilates program can help with

You don't have to pee when you sneeze! Our Physiotherapist Karen has amazing tricks up her sleeves to help you from a therapy perspective. Incontinence is often a chronic situation simply due to your posture and positioning of your pelvic girdle. If your pelvis is not in proper alignment, the muscles that support your internal organs can not function properly. The longer you are out of alignment, the lazier those muscles become which leads to the chronic incontinence. We have a keen eye for pelvic posture and can help you regain control.

Diastasis Recti
This is a splitting of the the central tendon of the rectus abdominus, which leaves a 'hallow' down the center line of your abdomen after giving birth. There are certain exercises we are careful of during pre-natal pilates to help reduce the risk. If you do experience this, there are a few movements you should avoid post-natally. We will help your reestablish your core stability safely and effectively