Welcome to Exhale Pilates & Barre
First of all Exhale is a beautiful space but, most importantly they have such an amazing group of women teaching there. Everyone exudes such a healthy, strong and natural beauty and it makes for such a positive and inspiring vibe in the studio; a "come as yourself and be comfortable with yourself" kind of space. Such a gem in the heart of Burlington! D.R.

Our Space

Exhale is open airy studio located in a quaint original downtown building. Large windows welcome in the natural sunlight and refreshing summer breezes.

We are a studio that specializes in all things pilates. But more than that, we are a space for you to feel supported, encouraged & accepted. To enjoy a workout in a judgement free space. To share stories of your day. To make connections & friendships with like minded people in your community. A place for you to make time for yourself.

In January 2019, we expanded and renovated to create room for an extra reformer, as well as creating a more unified barre space.

Studio Features

  • Private and Semi-Private Reformer classes
  • Exceptional Instruction from skilled and caring teachers
  • 4 V2Max Reformers
  • 4 Stability Chair
  • 4 Cardio Jumpboards
  • Barre & Pilates Mat Classes

Our Commitment & Intention

When I opened the first location of Exhale Pilates in 2010, it was simply so that I could have a place that I LOVED going to teach at every day. That seed of love has grown into a studio full of creative loving teachers, and our amazing dedicated clientele.

As we continuously evolve, we remain committed to the following intentions:

  • Specialize in small personalized classes to ensure precision of movement
  • Our teachers are committed to, and supported in continuing education to provide our clients with the best Pilates instruction in Burlington
  • All decisions and inspiration for studio growth and development come truly from the heart
  • Inspire a healthy lifestyle
  • Inspire self confidence, positive self-esteem, and positive self-care
  • Creating an uplifting community to help promote conscious well being – nutritionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally

- With Love & Gratitude, Crystal

Why Our Clients LOVE Exhale

"The staff at Exhale have been so instrumental in my recovery form TWO knee replacements!! No judegements…just weekly encouragement…and steady progress in all areas of mobility, agility, flexibility, and strength. LIFE ALTERING!!" - Leanne

"Katie kicks my butt and keeps me accountable every week while making sure she adds some love and humour to every class Truly adore the whole crew at Exhale who make it a welcoming space to start finding yourself and/or becoming a batter version of who you already are." - Tammy

"I’ve been going to Exhale since I was pregnant with my first baby, and now enjoy attending classes with my second. The workouts are fantastic and have kept me strong and motivated throughout both pregnancies and beyond." - Claudia

Exhale is happy to be an Environmentally Conscious Company

  • We use 100% natural cleaners.
  • We are a fragrance free studio. We respectfully appreciate our clients in refraining from wearing perfumes and scented lotions to the studio.
  • We are a plastic free space. Please do not bring plastic bottles to the studio. We will provide you with glass jar water.