Welcome to Exhale Pilates Yoga & Barre
I HEART Crystal – she’s like a ray of sunshine. Honestly one of the most genuine and kind hearted people you will ever meet – you don’t even notice how hard she’s pushing you (so sneaky) Courtney Blachford

About Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio

After teaching Pilates for 7 years in Burlington, Crystal Webster opened Exhale Pilates as a small studio in September 2010. In September 2011, Exhale Pilates expanded into its current beautiful downtown location. The space is elegant and sunlit featuring a skylight and windows all around which provide a refreshing cross breeze.

In 2012, Exhale Pilates transformed into Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio as a reflection of our ever evolving commitment to personal and physical growth.

When I opened the first location of Exhale Pilates, it was simply so that I could have a place that I LOVED going to teach at every day. That seed of love has grown into a studio full of creative loving teachers and our amazing dedicated clientele. We now have a variety of mindful classes to choose from including yoga and our own barre method BarreNone. As we continue to evolve, we remain committed to our core values:”

  • Small personalized classes to ensure precision of movement
  • All decisions and inspiration for studio growth and development come truly from the heart
  • Commitment to continuing education to provide our clients with exceptional skills
  • Inspire a healthy lifestyle
  • Creating an uplifting community to help promote conscious well being – nutritionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally

Why our clients LOVE Pilates at Exhale:

At Exhale Pilates, Yoga & Barre Studio we pride ourselves in providing small personalized sessions, ensuring that you are maximizing your time in the studio. It is the precision of the movements that makes Pilates so effective in strengthening your core and building long, lean, balanced muscles. By keeping our classes small (maximum 3 people) you can be sure that your instructor is ensuring your technique comes first. We also take a great deal of care in matching you with clients of similar strengths and abilities.

Pilates can be more than an exercise…it can be the first step to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll feel better after Pilates, which we hope will inspire you to incorporate a healthy attitude in all aspects of your life! We have a network of health experts, from naturopaths to physiotherapists to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Studio Features

  • 3 Reformers, including the V2Max
  • 3 Stability chairs (making us the only studio in Burlington to offer stability chair classes)
  • Cardio jumpboard classes
  • Personalized attention
  • On-site physiotherapist (pilates may be covered under your extended health benefits)
  • Small yoga classes
  • Barre classes, home of the BarreNone method

Exhale is an Environmentally Conscious Company

We use 100% natural cleaners.
We are a fragrance free studio. We respectfully appreciate our clients in refraining from wearing perfumes and scented lotions to the studio.
We are a plastic free space. Please do not bring plastic bottles to the studio. We will provide you with glass jar water.

Referral Rewards

We hope you love the studio so much that you tell all your friends about it. We appreciate and reward referrals! A $10 credit will be added to your account when a friend of yours purchases a 10 class package.